How Quality Activewear Affects Your Workout

News breaker: what you wear to the gym actually has an impact on how you workout. From muscle recovery to regulating your body temperature, there is a direct correlation between the clothes you wear and how you feel during and after a workout.

One brand that is grounded on quality activewear is Shapes by Salma, a cutting-edge fitness apparel store that strives to empower women worldwide to workout in style and first-class comfort. So, what should you wear when working out? No matter your favorite activity or body shape, read on for our top tips on maximizing your performance:

  1. Prevent Injury.

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear when training can make or break your workout. Ever heard of compression clothing before? This type of activewear is designed to support your muscles during your training session by applying gentle pressure to your glutes and legs, which in turn, fast-tracks the blood flow to your heart and ultimately pumps oxygen-rich blood back into your aching muscle.

What we’re wearing: SHAPES By Salma High Compression Activate Collection  

  1. Regulate Your Body Temperature.

From the East Coast to the West, summer is soon approaching and it’s about time we invest in premium-quality activewear to keep us cool and comfortable when it gets sticky, hot and humid (ew). Also, sorry to break it to you – but those $10 sports bras you are buying from Amazon aren’t going to cut it if you really want to give your workout a boost. Be sure to shop styles that are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying so you can push for miles – without feeling like you’re overheating.

What we’re wearing: SHAPES By Salma Dry fast Mesh Elevate Collection

  1. Skyrocket Your Workout Performance

 When deciding what to wear for a workout, it’s vital to consider how it will affect your actual workout performance. One way we achieve this is by wearing activewear with thin and expandable fabrics that make you feel unrestricted and free to move in all directions. Exercising in total comfort is crucial so you can keep your head in the game, and also to protect your skin from itching, rubbing and irritation.

What we’re wearing: SHAPES By Salma High Performance Perform Collection     

  1. Give Yourself A Confidence Boost The best part about women’s activewear is its ability to make you look good, and feel even better while working out. You’d be majorly surprised to see how much of a difference it can have on the effectiveness of your training – and not only do high-quality fabrics work with you rather than against you, but they’ll accelerate your movements and keep you performing your very best. No matter where you’re working out this year, be sure to head over to SHAPES By Salma to shop a range of premium-quality activewear at affordable price points. We know where we’ll be shopping this spring/summer – what about you?