Who We Are:

Established in 2020, Shapes by Salma was created with one goal: to be the go-to online fitness apparel shop for athletic enthusiasts and comfy-clothes aficionados! The Shapes by Salma brand is designed to be both stylish and comfortable, and incredibly functional for all fitness-related needs. As health connoisseurs ourselves, we at Shapes by Salma know that an active lifestyle applies to both inside and outside of the gym, so we market versatile products that work for any activity and body shape.

The Shapes by Salma team is committed to offering its customers the highest quality fitness apparel on the market, for elite athletes and extraordinary women. Our line was founded on three activewear industry standards - quality, comfortability, and affordability. Salma is the Founder and CEO of Shapes by Salma and developed the company to offer active individuals the type of premium sportswear she desires to wear during her workout that is both stylish and practical. Her motive for the brand is to provide and empower women of all shapes with superior fitness apparel they can count on. Shapes by Salma fitness apparel is suitable for all shapes and sizes and interchangeable for both active and casual wear, year-round.

What We Do:

Shapes by Salma is devoted to empowering women in fitness to own their shape. The company desires to promote self-confidence and body positivity for female athletes. For over a decade, Shapes by Salma’s founder, Salma , has dedicated herself to the fitness lifestyle to get in good health and shape. From her daily workout routines, fitness competitions, and mentorship of various women in fitness, she has uplifted herself and others to become the best version of themselves through body empowerment and self-assurance. Salma has formed the company’s vision to create activewear that mirrors the effort and dedication required for women to achieve their dream bodies and strengthen their mindsets.

Shapes by Salma’s agenda is to encourage women in fitness to pursue their goals with fierce confidence and perseverance to get fit and take pride in their stunning shapes. With every piece of apparel, Shapes by Salma desires to challenge women to venture out of their comfort zone and stay consistent to accomplish their athletic aspirations. As a company dedicated to maintaining an impactful reputation, Shapes by Salma offers outstanding activewear collections that close the industry’s style gap with brilliantly vibrant colorways and fabrics to inspire women to be bold and look beautiful as they embrace their shapes.